AMP creates architect’s website

Digital group AMP Communications has designed a new website for Keith Williams Architects featuring ‘print-like and traditional pages’.

Appointed on credentials, AMP Communications’ head of digital Chester Chipperfield says the business was won on the strength of the group’s experience of working on the websites of other architects, and of artists including Antony Gormley.

The contract was won in autumn 2008 by Chipperfield’s former company Emak Mafu, which passed into administration before being subsumed into AMP Communications, where the client migrated to continue the project.

A brief was worked up through workshops involving a cross-section of client staff. Chipperfield says, ‘We decided that clear navigation was needed and photography was important.’

The site, which launches this week, has been designed so staff can ‘up the quality of their photographs’, Chipperfield says. The practice will ‘grow into’ the site in the next five years, he adds, allowing staff to put up ‘as much content as they like’.

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