Biodegradable plastics and bamboo ‘are hot packaging trends’

Packaging design this year will see a growth in the use of biodegradable plastics and the use of sustainable ingredients such as bamboo, according to predictions from business information consultancy Datamonitor.

The organisation says new types of biodegradable plastic, using additives such as Eco Pure or Reverte, will help plastic biodegrade more quickly and safely. Datamonitor says use of these plastics is particularly prevalent in the bottled water sector.

The group adds that bamboo, with its fast growing rate, is becoming the ingredient of choice in products and packaging, and is being used in baby wipes and cosmetics packaging, among other applications.

Datamonitor also predicts that the ‘shot’ format, which was being used in the energy drinks market and is now expanding to relaxation drinks, will continue to grow. Datamonitor says the number of products featuring the word ‘shot’ or ‘shots’ has doubled since 2006.

Another growth area will be the fairtrade market, with the number of fairtrade food products doubling in frequency worldwide since 2006, according to Datamonitor.

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