Electrolux seeks ‘second space age’ designs

The ‘second space age’ will be the theme of this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition, which is open to industrial design graduates and undergraduates.

Applicants will produce designs that consider ‘shrinking domestic spaces’ to explore food preparation and storage, and clothes-washing and dishwashing solutions, organisers say.

Entries will need to be Green, adaptive to time and space and allow potential for customisation.

‘One of the challenges will be to design products with personal settings for individuals,’ says Tom Aston, Electrolux Design Lab project manager. 

Aston says the theme came from an Electrolux trends report which forecasts restricted space, people living longer and mass migration to urban areas. He says, ‘Designers will need to think about the stress on space and how to use cubic metres, rather than just metres.’

Electrolux says that by 2050, 74 per cent of the global population will live in an urban environment.

Entries must be in by 1 May, when a€5000 (£4465) prize and a six-month paid internship at the Electrolux Global Design centre will be offered to the winner, who will be selected on 23 September. 

Last year’s finalists included a robotic greenhouse and a flying water catcher, addressing a theme of ‘designing for the next 90 years’.

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