Interbrand creates Light Blue Optics identity

Interbrand has created the identity for Light Blue Optics, a new projection technology company which will look to integrate its devices into automotive products, digital signage and consumer electronics applications.

Appointed through a creative pitch in March 2009, the consultancy was tasked with creating a ‘new and confident’ identity that can be applied as a live and static logo to ‘live alongside other big brands’, according to Chris Davenport, management consultant writer at Interbrand.

The new logo suggests ‘owning light’, Davenport says. ‘We needed to celebrate the capabilities of this technology.’

LBO uses its holographic laser protection technology to project high-resolution images which can respond to touch. This will be integrated into hand-held devices and the built environment. ‘[The branding] needs to be coherent and sit across everything the company does,’ says Davenport, who believes LBO will be recognisable to the public, despite being incorporated into products across different markets. He adds, ‘In the same way Dolby owns sound, the LBO brand will enlighten vision.’

The consultancy has designed a website for the company and recorded a viral film with voice by Stephen Fry. Positioning, visual and verbal identity has been created by the consultancy and further branding has been created for a set of launch materials.

As the use of LBO technology becomes more widespread, the logo will be integrated into technology and may appear as a button. ‘It’s designed to be an icon within boot-up screens on products,’ says Davenport.

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