New food labelling legislation launched

The Government says that food packaging should be labelled to show products’ carbon footprint, country of origin and animal welfare standards in its new food strategy, Food 2030.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn launched the document yesterday, saying, ‘I expect all our retailers to sign up to it.’ The recommendations include ‘establishing clear and unambiguous country of origin labelling rules’ and ‘providing consumers with better environmental and welfare information about their food and how it was produced’.

Benn says, ‘Beef is already labelled by country of origin. So is poultry. Lamb is pretty well labelled. On pork, the Pig Meat taskforce we set up has agreed a code of practice on labelling.’

Along with a carbon footprint information system, and the existing nutritional labelling schemes, the new proposals will significantly increase the amount of information that designers could be requested to include on packaging.

The Government hopes that the proposals will be implemented over the next two decades.

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