Salford gallery to host Art in Advertising show

The Lowry in Salford is set to host an exhibition examining the link between art and advertising, showcasing some of the North West’s best-known campaigns.

The Art in Advertising exhibition, which will run from 23 January to 11 April, will feature interactive installations and on-site creative workshops.

It has been produced by Manchester-based advertising agency BJL, and will feature work for brands including British Airways, Asda and Warburton’s.

BJL partner Jackie Holt says, ‘What we want to do is have some fun and hopefully inspire people about the medium of advertising, showcasing what a truly creative industry we work in. This has given us a great opportunity to collaborate with our clients to provide different interpretations of art.’

Michael Simpson, head of galleries for The Lowry, says, ‘The Lowry is very excited to be collaborating with BJL on what promises to be an innovative exhibition.

‘Art in all its forms, including advertising, starts with good ideas, and this exhibition gives visitors an unprecedented opportunity to see how these good ideas surround us everyday on television, radio, the Internet, billboards and countless other ways.’

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