Channel 4’s T4 in design overhaul

Channel 4’s youth programming series T4 will unveil a design overhaul tomorrow with a set of 20 new robot-themed idents and on-screen graphics by Double G Studios and set design by Rudi Thackray.

Double G Studios presented three different themes in August 2010 before coming through a second round of competitive pitching, leading with its robot-themed idents.

Choreographed dancers dressed in designed robot costumes form a team of characters which interact with programming and themes, including T4 on the Beach, Celebrity and America.

‘The characters all have different personalities and strengths so they can interact with the T4 logo,’ says Double G Studios designer Tom Robinson, who adds, ‘All the robots are made of cardboard to give them a lo-fi charm and quality.’

Each ident was finished in post-production, along with all on-screen graphics for menu systems.

For the set design, Thackray says he has translated the ‘straight lines and angular shapes’ of the new graphic systems into a consistent design which features cyan blue, white and red applied to panelling illuminated by LED lightboxes.

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