Erasmus repackages Relentless energy drink

Erasmus Partners has revamped the packaging of Coca-Cola owned energy drink brand Relentless, accompanying the launch of the new Libertus sugar-free variety.


The consultancy created the Relentless brand for Coca-Cola about five years ago, and works on everything associated with it including strategy, positioning and design. It has been working on the packaging revamp for about a year.

Matt Follows, creative director of Erasmus Partners, says, ‘Relentless is about “no half measures”, so we had to push the packaging design.

‘Each can’s name reflects the attributes of the flavours – like Origin and Immortus – there’s a whole back-story. The design can’t be simple and restrained – it’s hugely detailed.’

According to Coca-Cola, the new ‘cutting edge’ packaging aims to deliver ‘striking on-shelf stand out’, meaning retailers are able to alternate the facing of the pack to display either the original logo or the new Relentless insignia.

Stuart Agates, head of energy at Coca-Cola Enterprises, says, ‘Relentless is an exciting, innovative brand and the new insignia and eye-catching pack design across the range will create strong in-store presence for shoppers.’

The new packaging is rolling out this week.

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