Faces behind the talent

Creative types really can be a mysterious bunch. If, like us, you’ve often pondered about the personality and the face behind the artwork, design or photograph, Porte Magazine is here to help.

Chris Davies, managing director of Stadium Creative design consultancy has teamed up with writer Jo Murphy to create Porte (www.portemagazine.com) – an innovative new online magazine that aims to find and promote creative talent.

Porte Logo
The Porte logo

Davies explains, ‘We’re challenging the idea that a magazine about creative work is purely a promotional tool. We’re showcasing work that we admire but finding out about the face behind the talent – and that includes those who are just starting out as well as some who are well established.’

Porte magazine, which launches today, hopes to create a community of creative work, centred around ‘discussion, debate, having fun and making friends.’

Juno Cadogan
Work by Juno Cadogan will feature in Porte

Davies adds, ‘We’re undertaking a series of interviews which will form the basis of the website, with the purpose of starting a discussion on creativity in the most lateral way possible.  It should be an inspiring read for any creative (or otherwise).’

Among those already involved in the project are fine artist Michael Nagle, product designer and co-founder of All Lovely Stuff Ed Ward, photographer June Cadogan and author Isabel Losada.

Ed Ward
Work by Ed Ward will feature in Porte

Murphy says, ‘ We want to create a sense of community and continuity, not just a series of one-offs. This is work we care about and we want our readers to feel the same way.’

To get involved in Porte, contact them with work samples and a little bit about yourself via submissions@portemagazine.com

Michael Nagle
Art by Michael Nagle will feature in the magazine

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