LFH patents ink-saving production process

Design consultancy LFH has received a European Technical Patent for Chapter 1, a production process that can reduce the number of ink colours needed to print brand packaging.

The consultancy says the process can reduce the number of colours needed to six or less, without any visible difference in quality. LFH says studies show brand-owners can save up to €6000 (£5000) a year on each sku using the process.

The system, devised by LFH joint managing director Graham Hawkins, means printers do not have to change inks when switching from one printing order to another, thus allowing them to run more efficiently.

LFH joint managing director Mano Manoharan says the consultancy started to develop the process around 12 years ago while working with clients Pretty Polly and Wenneker. LFH then applied for a patent in 2007, which was awarded last week.

Manoharan says the Chapter 1 system is used by 75 per cent of LFH’s clients, including William Grant (pictured), Carlsberg and Unilever.

Hawkins says, ‘LFH is now considering offers to allow us to scale up the delivery of Chapter 1 to global clients – it is a great achievement and certainly heralds an exciting period for us.’

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