Maison and Objet

The post-Christmas period can be a very depressing time indeed. To accompany the Turkey bloat and hangovers, there are all those well-intentioned resolutions taunting you to break them before the first week of January is over.

However, if, unlike us, you’ve still got some pennies left over from the festive splurge-fest, you could do a lot worse in your crusade against the winter blues than having a nosey around the sumptuous offerings at the Maison & Objet home show in Paris later this month.

by Paola Paronetto

One of the highlights for the 2011 shows looks to be the unique ceramic art of Paola Paronetto, which will form part of the Scènes d’intérieur section.

Her works are created using a variety of techniques and materials, such as paper clay and porcelain. The result is an, ahem, ‘mélange’ of the contemporary, the futuristic and the Classical.

by Paola Paronetto

Alongside sculpture, Italian ceramicist Paronetto also created wall hangings and tableware.

This year’s Maison & Objet show is said to be inspired by our collective desire to ‘turn up the volume on sense and the senses, sensations and emotions, in order to experience all the intensity of existence’.

Illy Cafe Spa
Tobia Rehberger’s Galerie Illy Berlin

Much as this sounds like the hushed tones of a wizened acid casualty (though we suspect the translation from the French may have something to do with this), the show looks set to be as beautiful as ever, with bold nods to the luxurious and the nostalgic.

Other highlights include Clemence Joly’s The Wool Butchery, a surreal little woollen selection of bacon rashers, pig trotters and other meaty bits; the bold monochrome and orange shapes of Tobia Rehberger’s Galerie Illy Berlin; and Tokukin Yoshioka’s stunning  Invisible Design sculptures.

Tokujin Yoshioka Kartell
by Tokujin Yoshioka Kartell

Meanwhile, hall 3, designed by Vincent Grégoire promises to offer ‘a time of transformation without fear’ of fragmented geometric shapes and mirror reflections. Wowsers.

Clemence Joly
by Clemence Joly

Maison & Objet runs from 21-25 January at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. Paronetto’s work is showing at the “Scènes d’Intérieur” section, Hall 7, Stand C57

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