Minibar for the mind

Imagine it: a minibar for the mind, somewhere to quench epistemological thirst, binge on intellect, inspiration and ideas and then settle a bill for it.

This will now be possible in all of the Morgans Hotel Group hotels through a School of Life conceived and directed project to address the needs of the mind.

Minibar for the mind

Independent designers Susanna Edwards and Joseph Harries had already designed The School Of Life brand in 2008 and were commissioned to design this product in just two months.

A box of conversation starters

Dreams and Fears Notebook

‘The hardest part was to find the right suppliers, the right quality, the right sizes and making sure it all fitted together in the box,’ says Edwards.

He describes the look as ‘quiet intelligence’ and says it is led by typography and aims to be ‘high quality and luxury but not too slick.’

Writer’s block pencil set

The case for the set

For £35 guests can indulge in: conversation starters – a box set of 250 cards featuring questions, quotations and provocations; a volume of selected columns written by The School of Life’s ‘faculty and friends’; reading prescriptions from the school of life’s ‘bibliotherapists’ to aid ‘relaxation or seduction’; and if you’re really willing to bear your soul, a ‘Dreams and Fears Notebook with Writers Block Pencil Set.’

The School of Life was founded by philosopher Alan De Botton in 2008 to run public programmes and services addressing questions of personal fulfillment, suggesting ways to lead a better life.

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  • I Pover November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The visual association created by the glass tube, inner white paper and thew corked end to relax… with a cigarette?

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