Dutch designer Hella Jongerius publishes a new monograph this month, designed by fellow Dutch designer Irma Boom.

Jongerius’ work is often a fusion of opposites, manufacturing and craft, traditional and contemporary, sleek and humorous. Whether creating furniture or ceramics, her work is always tactile. Paint is messily dripped onto earthenware, slabs of clay are sewn together, and sofas have clashing textures and colours.

Nymphenburg Sketches by Jongerius

According to the publishes Phaidon Press, the title of the book refers to Jongerius’ belief that quality craftsmanship is indistinguishable in perfect, industrial products, and is only present in the ’misfits’, their imperfections betraying the process and the hand of the maker.

300 unique vases by Jongerius

It’s an interesting viewpoint, and one that makes for a fascinating and varied body of work.

Polder sofa by Jongerius

Hella Jongerius: Misfit is published in February by Phaidon Press, priced at £29.95.

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