Office for Subversive Architecture to transform Cube Gallery with installation

Office for Subversive Architecture is working on an installation for the Cube, Centre for the Urban Built Environment gallery in Manchester, which will organically grow until it extends out of the gallery and on to the street.

OSA has been commissioned to develop the project as part of the Merzen exhibition, which celebrates the work of artist Kurt Schwitters, who worked in the field of installation art. The OSA Merzen show will be in place from 18 February-16 April.

Schwitters, who created collages and interventions out of found materials, used the word ‘Merz’ to refer to his works.

Cube creative director Jane Anderson says the gallery commissioned OSA because ‘we wanted to get somebody who could bring the style of Schwitters’s work into the 21st century.’

The exhibition will start with the materials that OSA will work with, which Anderson says will be found and recycled material, which could include white goods and old media equipment.

Anderson says, ‘OSA’s installation will eventually grow out of the installation space and into the street. Design-wise it’s the first time we’ve ever done anything like this and the first time OSA has too I think.’

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