Open Planet Ideas evaluation

Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing with you the progress of Open Planet Ideas, a crowdsourcing concept from WWF and Sony based on the broad question, ‘How can today’s technology help us make the most of our planet’s resources?’.

Open Planet Logo

Creatives from across the globe have submitted ideas as part of the project and three concepts – the Greenbook by Siniuc, the Identifying & Recoding Wildlife concept by Juliet Wilson and the Network of Real-time Wireless Micro Weather Stations for Microclimate Monitoring by Regis Zimmer – have been selected to be evaluated by the team of judges.

The Identifying&Recoding Wildlife concept by Juliet Wilson

The evaluation stage has now been extended until the end of January so that the judging panel can explore the three concepts in more depth, consult the concept creators and then make a decision about which will be developed.

Greenbook is an online magazine for green-minded community. Wilson’s concept uses GPS and mobile technology to record the presence of different animal species for conservation purposed. Zimmer’s concept is a network of remote, wireless weather stations for real-time monitoring of microclimate.

Greenbook by Siniuc

The Open Planet community is also encouraged to continue the discussions about each idea, as the panel is keen to achieve the best potential from the final concept. It is expected that a final decision will be reached at the end of January 2011.

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