The best intentions

For many, the positive aspirations of the first week of January have dissolved, just like the snow. But for those who are still going, we thought we’d share two projects to inspire and hopefully keep you on the straight and narrow.

For 2011, Plan B’s Steve Price has developed a mentoring scheme to offer his industry expertise to students, graduates or indeed anyone who feels they might benefit from some encouragement.

Price says, ‘In many cases we knowingly or otherwise seek out these people. It’s to do with the need to belong, to feel connected and to surround yourself with people that inspire you, that motivate you.’

Ambient / Ambient Lungs for Quit is one of DAD's featured projects
Ambient / Ambient Lungs for Quit is one of D&AD’s featured projects

Quoting arts education guru Sir Ken Robinson, Price says the scheme aims to offer recognition of talent, encouragement, the facilitating of ideas and will stretch participants to the edge of their ability.

For more information about applying to the scheme or to get a bit of inspiration for starting your own, visit

Over on the D&AD site, the team have dipped into their archive to show highlights of some of the winning projects which fit with New Year’s resolutions, such as quitting smoking and helping others. Visit to see some of the projects.

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