Wiltshire Design Network launches

The Wiltshire Design Network is looking to put a management and organisational structure in place following its launch.

The organisation launched last week with support from the South West Design Forum.

Designers from the region are being encouraged to join as members and there is also a call for would-be managers to get in touch, according to SWDF manager Karen Stockdale.

SWDF has funded the fledgling network’s activity to date and a launch event last week was supported by the Design Programme and Business Link. Ongoing activity will be supported by SWDF, but the Wiltshire Design Network ‘will be responsible for its own events and activities’, says Stockdale.

Members who join the Wiltshire Design Network will gain access to SWDF events, including ‘a return on design and investment toolkit’, Stockdale says.

At the network launch, held in Holt, Wiltshire, John McFaul, founder of McFaul Studio and a founding member of the South Coast Design Forum, gave a keynote speech before being joined by Tim Burley, chair of SWDF, and Lesley Morris, head of design skills at the Design Council. 

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