Mortal Kombat-inspired designs for Yo! Sushi

Kent Lyons has designed a new Yo! Sushi Ramen takeaway pot and campaign taking inspiration from Mortal Kombat charcater Raiden.

Window vinyls carry the campaign
The new Ramen takeaway packaging

The consultancy was invited to pitch campaign ideas to Yo! Sushi in August 2012, as the restaurant was looking to reinvigorate its brand and ‘attract new and lapsed customers’ according to Kent Lyons partner Noel Lyons.

Kent Lyons has looked to address a misconception that Yo! Sushi only serves cold food with a campaign focused on Ramen – its hot noodle soup.

Window vinyls carry the campaign
Ramen Vs Hunger

Lyons says the campaign was partly inspired by Mortal Kombat character Raiden.

He says, ‘We started doing the Mortal Kombat voice: “Ramen Vs Kano” “Ramen wins!” “Finish Him!” “Fatality”.

Window vinyls carry the campaign
Ramen wins

‘We ended up pitching a campaign centered around “Ramen vs Hunger. Ramen Wins!”

With the aim of encouraging customers to cross their ‘threshold anxiety’ Kent Lyons gave themselves the guidelines ‘Hot Fun Yo! Sushi’.

Window vinyls carry the campaign
Window vinyls carry the campaign

In-store activity include vinyls on windows, t-shirts and menus, and there has been above and below the line ad campaigns, including TV, as well as ‘disrupting the normal marketing channels by getting into unexpected places.’ This includes flyposting, projections, and escalators.

The Ramen takeaway pots, which launch on 28 January ‘feel pleasurable and functional’ and should draw attention to Yo! Sushi’s ‘under recognised take-away’ offer according to Lyons who says, ‘We’re potentially looking at reviewing their other takeaway packaging.’

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