D&AD launches New Blood using infographics

Office of Craig Oldham has created D&AD’s 2014 New Blood Awards campaign, working around the idea of the ‘New Blood journey’.

Talent/craft Venn diagram
Talent/craft Venn diagram

D&AD’s New Blood Awards draws together the organisation’s previous Student Awards, Graduate Academy, and New Blood Exhibition, aiming to create a simpler structure that encourages more young people to enter the scheme.

Office of Craig Oldham began work on the project in August last year, having previously worked with D&AD on a number of projects including creative around the President’s Lectures.

Consultancy founder Craig Oldham says, ‘They felt they’d lost their way a bit with New Blood – it was beginning to be a bit safe and professional.

‘A decision was made to consolidate all of the sub-brands, so we needed something that could communicate all of those messages under one umbrella.’

This year’s awards campaign draws on last year’s ‘power of yellow’ New Blood concept, which looks to ‘explore the wealth of opportunity and possibility that comes from entering the Awards’, according to Oldham.

A series of infographics were created, on which Office of Craig Oldham worked with copywriter and collaborating creative director John Goddard.

‘We wanted it to be fun’, says Goddard. ‘The idea was to show how D&AD helps guide creatives and refine their skills way beyond the award ceremony. Using endless diagrams seemed the perfect way to illustrate that process’.

The infographics use humour to enable the audience to ‘enjoy it, rather than feel like they were being lectured or challenged’, Goddard adds.

Oldham says, ‘We were keen not to “over-design” it. They’re students, they should be having fun – not just see [the Awards] as a challenge and a chance to impress, but a chance to show off and have fun’.

What the hell? - poster close up
What the hell? – poster close up

True and False
True and False


Experience the power of yellow.
Experience the power of yellow.

I think I'm on the wrong poster, close-up
I think I’m on the wrong poster, close-up

New Blood  Poster
New Blood Poster

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