Multi-colour fonts by Typopixo

Shining through the murk of January in glorious technicolour is new online colour type foundry Typopixo, which offers multi-colour fonts for web and screen.

Zita by Novo Typo
Zita by Novo Typo

Based in the equally colourful Amsterdam, the company works with a host of type designers, lettering artists, Javascript developers and HTML experts.

They seem to be on the look out for potential collaborators as well, so if this is your bag, maybe drop them a note

Fall by Nova Typo

Typopixo promises that the fonts work on all major browsers, are search engine friendly, fast and can be hosted on your own server.

Anything you purchase arrives as a zip package containing two Javascript files, a PNG file with the font and an HTML file for testing.

Forgagia by Daniel Pelavin
Forgagia by Daniel Pelavin

The Zita typeface designed by Nova Typo caught our eye, as did Fall, also by Novo Typo, which has an obvious botanical quality, and Forgagia by Daniel Pelavin, a robotic yet childlike sturdy-looking font.

For more info head here.

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