The Book of Everyone

What do you get for the person who has everything? Possibly The Book of Everyone, a bespoke and finely illustrated book, which promises to be a genuine one-off tailored for your nearest and dearest.

The Book For Everyone

Head to, add some basic information like name and date of birth of the recipient, plus some other embellishments of your choosing – maybe a photograph – and let the site create a hard copy which is sent out to your loved one.

The Book For Everyone

It runs various algorithms around the name and date of birth of recipients and weaves this personal information together with relevant facts and illustrations. You get to control the final edit and have the option to choose what goes in.

The Book For Everyone

If you’re sending the book to a man celebrating his 32nd birthday, he’ll be able to find out that 32 was the short number worn by Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson, and the age Alexander the Great died.

In his lifetime your recipient will have shed 15.4 litres of water crying and has two chromosomes less than a potato.

The Book For Everyone

It has been conceived by Jason Bramley, Jonny Biggins, and Steve Hanson who all come from an ad agency background.

The trio has worked with a network of artists and copywriters to hone the final product.

The Book For Everyone

They were looking to create something that was ‘well-designed and beautifully produced’ according to gallery KK Outlet which is hosting a book launch and exhibition.

Meanwhile the gallery has invited the image-makers to take a fact or figure from the books and bring them to life.

Damien Poulain - 25 mph is the max ground speed of a wild turkey

For example Damien Poulain shows us that ‘25 MPH is the maximum ground speed of a wild turkey.’

The Book of Everyone is guaranteed to be shipped within 72 hours of purchasing, is available in digital, paperback, hardback, and premium finishes and prices start from £7.50.

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