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1. Lippincott has rebranded Black & Decker, with the power tool brand dropping the ampersand and gaining a plus sign to become Black + Decker .


2. The Clearing has created a new identity for Fitness First , which uses an ‘energetic red’.


3. It’s a month until Valentine’s Day, but Miss Cakehead is already preparing by selling black roses .

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David Lynch

‘It was a very depressing trip, very depressing.’ DIrector David Lynch recalls visiting the North of England in the late ’80s to photograph factories .

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Asif Khan has designed a ‘Mount Rushmore for the digital age’ for the Sochi Winter Olympics. The facade for the MegaFon pavilion displays the faces of visitors as changing three-dimensional portraits.

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DW Awards

Check out the Design Week Awards website (ahem). Entries are open until 31 January, and the judging panel is features some big names from across design disciplines.

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The BBC takes a look at the new 10 euro note design, which boasts a series of security features including raised print, a portrait watermark and a hologram.

The Guardian has an intriguing gallery of miniature food art.


Several newspapers, among them the Telegraph , report on designer Mikhail Kalashnikov’s guilt over how many people were killed by the AK47 rifle he created.

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  • Sean O'Mara November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Mikhail Kalashnikov’s should have felt more guilty for copying the design of the German StG 44 who’s designer Hugo Schmeisser was forced to work for Kalashnikov. Hugo one of the greatest gun designers of his time was given no credit whilst an engineer who never designed a gun in his life suddenly came up with the AK47. Im sure from a design point of view that theft.

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