Clock works on C4 intranet

Channel Four is preparing to launch a new intranet site, designed by Clock.

The broadcaster appointed Clock in June, following a four-way paid creative pitch against three other consultancies on the C4 roster.

Clock chief technical officer Paul Serby reports that he was briefed to make the new site, ‘a great collaborative tool, delivering better communication and efficiencies throughout the business’.

‘There is no reason for any intranet to be boring,’ adds Clock account executive Sarah Rae, who describes the current intranet site as, ‘Cramped, inaccessible, complicated and not pleasing to the eye.

‘To brighten it up, we kept with the C4 branding, and made it more accessible, user-friendly, easy to follow, fresher, cleaner and spacious, adding a modern twist,’ she says.

The consultancy has also been charged with providing technical support for the website on an ongoing basis. ‘C4’s intranet was previously lacking in support and had a poor content management system,’ Rae says.

Clock also designed the broadcaster’s radio website,, in 2006.

The new intranet site will launch in late August.

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