First glimpse of Pentagram’s Harley-Davidson museum

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, created by Pentagram Design, has released the first photographs of the finished location ahead of its opening this month.

A full launch event will take place in September on Labor Day weekend, which coincides with the 105th anniversary of the motorcycle manufacturer.

Described as ‘a piece of urban architecture as much as a building’ by a Harley-Davidson Museum spokeswoman, the 12 000 m2 site containing three buildings has been designed by Pentagram New York partner and architect Jim Biber.

It will house a retail space, an annexe and a rally urban space which will enable bikers to ride through the grounds.

Visitors to the museum will see installations designed by Pentagram partner Abbott Miller, such as a parade of bikes at the museum’s entrance which showcases the best designs from the Harley collection.

The colour palette inside uses the Harley colours of black, silver and orange, while the museum will use a variety of media including photographs, Harley-branded apparel and documents to engage visitors with the brand.

On show will be a 1956 Model KH motorcycle owned by Elvis Presley and a replica of the Captain America choppers ridden by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in the film Easy Rider.

The building itself is made from a selection of materials including galvanised steel, black brick and orange corrugated metal which are intended to reflect the toughness of the motorbikes.

Minneapolis-based Osland and Associates has been overseeing the landscape architecture.

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