Sunday Times rolls out redesign

The Sunday Times unveils its full-colour redesign this weekend, with a new masthead, font and updated strapline.

News International’s Sunday flagship title will roll out the long-awaited redesign across all sections of the paper, including The Sunday Times Magazine and Culture magazine at a later date.

Created in-house by News International art director Al Trivino, the new look is said to be ‘bolder and brighter’, marking the first time in the paper’s 186-year history that it can use colour in all sections.

The colourful new look, tweaked masthead and updated slogan ‘For all you are’ is aimed at ‘personalising’ the paper’s somewhat austere image, and will be accompanied by a TV ad campaign.

Katie Vanneck, Times Media sales and marketing director, says, ‘This major brand campaign, the first in nine years, marks a significant shift from promotional campaigns to a long-term brand strategy. This initial seven-week, £3m campaign will be followed by a series of sub-brand executions.’

She adds, ‘Our new slogan “For all you are” recognises that we are multi-dimensional people with a host of interests and passions.’

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