In-house management skills wanted for DME Awards

The Design Management Europe Awards 2009 are seeking entries from companies that procure and manage design.

Now in their third year, the awards aim to recognise the contribution managers make to in-house design teams’ competitiveness and how they work with design consultancies to develop strategy and control projects.

Entrants will be asked to create a poster showing how design is integrated into their management and strategy.

DME Awards manager Darragh Murphy says, ‘The DME Awards are not a design competition, but a set of management awards. The best way to demonstrate that is through a poster display, which allows companies to show in their own terms how they manage design and best implement strategy.’

An international panel will select winners in seven categories, assessing them on leadership, innovation, co-ordination and results.

Previous winners of the award include Virgin Atlantic, the National Patient Safety Agency and Thrislington Cubicles.

Companies will compete with businesses of a similar size, and there are also distinct categories for sustainability and public-sector groups.

The awards will take place in Eindhoven on 22 October, during Dutch Design Week.

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