Mark Starbuck brands designer proofreading service

Former Navyblue senior designer Mark Starbuck has created the identity for Read By Me, a new proofreading service being launched today by Rebecca Dobson, former project manager at Leeds-based Brahm.

Starbuck – now working independently – was appointed informally by Dobson, his girlfriend, who counts Britvic, Morrisons and Southampton Football Club among her clients.

‘She has been working as a proofreader for a few years,’ says Starbuck, who has used ‘red pen-style mark-ups’ to instruct the identity.

Together with ‘sketched-in text’, this forms the basis for an identity that reflects the nature of Dobson’s work, he adds.

As part of the associated brand communications Starbuck has designed an eraser, packaged in a cardboard sleeve that reads ‘Erase mistakes’ on one side and ‘Have it read by me’ on the other. This will be mailed out to potential clients.

Starbuck has created a holding site for Dobson, showing her offer, which he intends to expand as a resource with a style guide and list of common mis-spellings.

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