Oliver Heath works on Green interiors exhibition

Eco-designer and TV presenter Oliver Heath is creating an exhibition about Green interior design for east London’s Geffrye Museum.

Eco Home will aim to inform visitors about how to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

‘We are going to look at how people are making their homes eco-friendly at the moment, and how people will harness new technology in the future,’ says a Geffrye Museum spokeswoman.

‘We also want to help to dispel the myth that good design and style cannot go hand in hand with eco-products,’ she adds.

The museum approached Heath, founder of Heath Design and presenter of the Discovery Channel’s Dream Homes show, to create the exhibition about six months ago.

The show will have four sections: Resource Saving, Materials, Production Techniques and Recycled/Recycling.

‘The show will be highly interactive, with visitors able to pick up and examine exhibits and to discuss issues during our programme of talks and events supporting the show,’ says the spokeswoman.

Products on show will include the Ovetto recyling bin, by Italian designer Gianluca Soldi, and the Spikey shower curtain (pictured), by Central St Martins College of Art & Design graduate Elisabeth Beucher, which inflates rubber spikes that make the showering experience more uncomfortable over time.

Eco Home runs from 13 October to 7 February.

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