Rainmaker survey claims consultancies ‘oversell’ themselves

Most marketing and design groups sell themselves too hard, according to the results of a new survey by Rainmaker.

The Intelligent New Business Survey 2009 features interviews with nearly 100 procurement officials from brands including Adidas, BMW, British Airways, Mastercard, Microsoft, Orange, Sainsbury’s, Sony Europe and Vodafone.

About 30 per cent of respondents claim that their pet hates are ‘lack of thought’ and ‘little understanding of clients’ businesses’ when design and marketing groups make their approaches, while a full 70 per cent claim that consultancies ‘oversell’ themselves.

The survey includes questions put to clients by design groups Interbrand, Siegel & Gale, Uffindell West, Dave, Dalziel & Pow and Five by Five Digital.

Rainmaker observes that consutancies’ questions to clients have changed since last year, from being about whether there was any way to get around the procurement process, to wanting to know how best to communicate with procurement teams.

One procurement officer interviewed for the survey advises designers to approach both marketing and procurement decision-makers in a two-pronged attack, but to do so in an open way.

To download the report, visit http://www.rain-maker.co.uk/the_survey/inb_survey_2009.aspx.

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