Rehab draws on Facebook for Doritos game

Digital consultancy Rehab Studio has designed a viral game for Doritos that will collect players’ personal information from their Facebook profile and integrate it into the game.

Starting on 21 July, a three-part digital campaign will begin online, launching a new mystery Doritos flavour called ID3.

The consultancy was appointed in December 2008 by marketing group Initials and digital planning group AMV, on behalf of Doritos brand-owner Pepsi. Rehab was asked to create a campaign that would use video content on an interactive level.  

Working through a series of 3D interactive levels set in London’s criminal underworld, players will attempt to uncover a case of mistaken identity and compete for a £50 000 prize.

According to Tim Rodgers, creative director at Rehab, the ‘advergame’ will see ‘names, friends and profile images’ copied from an individual’s profile when they sign up. ‘We pull your information,’ Rodgers says.

He confirms that profile pictures will appear in the game and can be seen by other users.

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