Small Back Room brands fraud group

Small Back Room has created the name, branding and identity for Financial Fraud Action UK, which is set to launch as banking industry anti-fraud group APACS is disbanded.

The new organisation will co-ordinate the UK banking industry’s non-competitive work on fraud after it launches on 6 July.

The APACS brand is being decommissioned, but not directly replaced by one brand. Instead a number of brands will continue the body’s work.

Small Back Room was appointed directly to work on the FFA after creating the identity for The UK Cards Association earlier this year. UKCA is another brand that is emerging in the wake of APACS.

Pauline Lock, design team leader at Small Back Room, says the consultancy had to come up with a design for the FFA that would be both industry- and consumer-facing and would also work alongside other brands, such as UKCA.

She says, ‘We wanted something that would stand out from the predominantly blue financial brands, hence the use of red. It needed to have an edge but also be solid. The brand also had to have a sense of authority to speak to the banking industry.’

Katy Worobec, head of fraud control at APACS, says, ‘Small Back Room’s response to our brief has produced an identity and guidelines that have clarity and a real sense of purpose. This will help us in our mission to present a unified voice on financial fraud supported by a range of organisations.’

The new brand will launch internally on 6 July before being rolled out on a website and other touchpoints.

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