Cooler than Cameron

What will the home of consultancy Nude Brand Creation soon have in common with Barack Obama’s White House?

The answer is that both will soon be playing host to works by street artist du jour Ben Eine.

Ben Eine
Ben Eine

Eine hit headlines yesterday thanks to the rather unlikely patronage of Prime Minister David Cameron, who presented one of Eine’s works to US President Obama during his visit to the US.

The typographic work – Twenty First Century City – was featured across the media, including on the front page of The Times. Eine told the paper that Obama ‘seems like a pretty cool dude,’ adding, ‘I would definitely not have done it for Bush’.


Cameron may have scored cool points by commissioning Eine, but he still has a long way to go to catch up with Nude, which has commissioned the street artist to create a massive 500-letter word search across the entire width of its east London studio – door and all.

Eine's 500 letter word search for Nude
Eine’s 500 letter word search for Nude

The work is currently in progress, although Design Week suspects that Eine might be slightly distracted by the media spotlight at present.

Tony Enoch, creative partner at Nude, says, ‘All the words are a mixture of our own sense of humour, and a few Eine classics such as “vandal”, “monsters” and “victim”.’

Eine had previously created a limited-edition piece for Nude, having been introduced to the consultancy through one of its designers Anthony Tann.

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