Cornwall Design Season set to launch

The first Cornwall Design Season will launch in October, with an aim to promote the value of design to business and the economy.

The initiative is a partnership between University College Falmouth, Designs of the Time Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Design Forum. The Cornwall Design Season will launch with a week-long design event in October, which Dott programme director Andrea Siodmok says will be based on ’a hub-and-spoke set-up’.

She says the hubs will be the towns of Truro, Penryn and Falmouth, while the spokes will spread out across the entire county. The Cornwall Design Season will then run until February 2011, and will end with a business focused event to promote the value of design to potential clients.

It will feature open studios and other activities, including debates and workshops. The organisers are currently seeking a creative director to work on content, branding and marketing for the Cornwall Design Season.

Siodmok says, ’We want someone with an inspirational view to take this forward.’ Siodmok says the initiative is inspired by the Dutch Design Week, which runs in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

She explains that, like the Dutch event, the Cornwall Design Season will aim to ’put design on the high street’.

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