DKPM designs online health insurance brand for Westfield Health

Health insurance provider Westfield Health today launches its new online product, Health 365, with branding and digital design by DKPM.

The new service allows customers to apply for health cover in less than five minutes, and is targeted at people aged between 28 and 45 who do not currently have health cover.

Westfield Health tasked DKPM with creating a website that would ‘demystify’ the health insurance application process and ‘present a slick and streamlined way of setting up cover’, says a spokesman for the company.

The site’s home page presents all the necessary criteria to set up insurance cover in order to minimise the number of click-throughs for potential customers.

DKPM’s ‘strong, edgy’ branding is intended to appeal to the product’s younger audience. ‘Usually you associate health insurance with older people, but our target market is used to transacting online so the simplicity and boldness of the branding and website reflect this,’ says the spokesman.

Westfield Health chief executive Jill Davies says she hopes that the product will ‘revolutionise the health insurance industry in the UK’.

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