Form creates teaching aids for drink-drive campaign

Form has created new lesson plans and teaching aids for drink-driving initiative Don’t Be That Someone.

Don’t Be That Someone is a campaign set up by Mike McAdam, who lost his uncle in a drink-driving accident. It aims to demonstrate the dangers of drink-driving to 14- to 18-year-olds, an age group that is not currently targeted by Government campaigns.

Form was originally commissioned to create the campaign’s logo in February 2008 after it was approached by McAdam. The consultancy was then tasked with creating an overall identity for the campaign, as well as posters and interactive flyers that ‘looked fresh, engaging and relevant’ to appeal to young people bombarded with anti-alcohol messages, says McAdam.

In March Form began working on a set of lesson plans and teaching aids for Key Stage Four students. The new plans will be distributed to schools in south Gloucestershire and Enfield from September.

The lesson plans and teaching aids echo the look and feel of the identity, which features an orange and black colour palette, traffic imagery and typography inspired by motorway warning signs.

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