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Hello Friday. If you find yourself at a loose end tonight, why not head down to The George Orwell in London’s Islington. The traditional ale pub, with an open fireplace, beer garden and board games (what more do you need?), has a welcoming atmosphere that any thirsty punter would succumb to.

This evening, however, has extra oomph as it will host live music from Der Derian and showcase some interesting prints from the mysterious character Mr Gresty.

A graphic designer at a Shoreditch-based consultancy by day, and a screenprinter the rest of the time, Mr Gresty is currently working on prints for his forthcoming exhibition ‘Seen and Not Heard’, which reflects the Hackney and Islington area and the characters living there.

Print WeMe
Print WeMe

‘Printmaking is a chance for me to come up with my own projects with no compromise,’ explains Mr Gresty.

Print SmithsBubble
Print SmithsBubble

On show will be 16 prints including ‘Smith’s Bubble’, one of a set of six black and white faces, all with colour shapes to enhance their expression. ‘We  Me’ about shallow relationships and ‘Hackneyed’, in which Mr Gresty compares words – one been over done and one being a creative centre.

Print Hackneyed
Print Hackneyed

So what more do you need, music, art, even the Caipirinha’s have had rave reviews.

TFI Friday!

Mr Gresty will showcase 16 prints from 7pm till 2am tonight at The George Orwell Free House, 382 Essex Road, London, N1

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  • Anna Jarvis November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    That’s bloody great!

  • G. Richardson November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    That was pretty pretty good!

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