Jason Bruges Studio creates Olympic racing bridge

Jason Bruges Studio is working on two underpasses and a bridge for the London 2012 Olympic Park, with the bridge featuring an installation that will enable visitors to ‘race’ Olympic athletes.

The 100m-long bridge, formally known as F11, will feature the Fast, Faster, Fastest installation. This will be triggered by a button on a belisha beacon-type crossing, which will set off a moving series of amber-coloured LEDs representing the times of Olympic champions, which the visitor will be able to ‘race’ along the bridge.

Studio founder Jason Bruges says the aim for the legacy of the bridge is that it will represent records broken at the 2012 games.

Bruges says, ‘In the Olympic Park, all buildings and structures are united by human pace.’ He adds, ‘In terms of etymology, “stadium” and “marathon” are both units of length.’

Jason Bruges Studio is also working on two underpasses (one pictured), called U03 and U07. They are both conduits for canals, but will feature towpaths along the sides for pedestrians.

The consultancy was appointed at the end of 2008, alongside artist Martin Richman, who is working on another bridge in the Olympic Park.

Sarah Weir, head of arts and strategy for the Olympic Delivery Authority, says, ‘We need to think about how we integrate art as part of the park, so it’s not just an addition.’

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