Ralph Appelbaum creates an eye into St Paul’s

Exhibition design consultancy Ralph Appelbaum Associates has created an audiovisual installation in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Oculus: An Eye into St Paul’s features a series of lightboxes and backlit glass panels that show films about the cathedral, including a 20-minute sequence of Blitz bombing, ringing church bells, flames and panoramic vistas.

Two narrative films will show the history of the cathedral and a behind-the-scenes look at the way it is managed.

A further two movies will show parts of the cathedral inaccessible to some visitors, including the inside of the dome close-up and views of the capital from outside the dome. Another film takes a journey through Sir Christopher Wren’s model of the building.

‘Our approach has been to reveal the beauty and integrity of Wren’s architecture, and to give voice to the personal stories that have shaped the spiritual core of St Paul’s,’ says Phillip Tefft, managing director of RAA.

Oculus opens on 14 July.

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