Tattoo tales

It is often said that every scar has a story behind it. And this couldn’t be more true for individuals who have a penchant for inking themselves permanently.

Tattoos are a growing business, particularly over the summer months when more flesh is on show. But what really motivates people to tattoo themselves with what can be described as a ‘permanent Post-it note’?


Dutch-based creative group Kessels Kramer aims to answer this by publishing the book Ink, in collaboration with the Swiss-illustration group Happy Pets.


Ink – a collection of new short fiction – explores what prompts the decision to have a particular tattoo in surreal and sometimes embellished stories written by people from Kessels Kramer and others from around the world.


A drug-fuelled trip to Thailand, a tattoo artist who likes to burn things (including dead pets) to create inks that are to be ‘coffins buried in the skin’ and other dream-like tales are related. Each account has inspired a one-off graphic illustration from Happy Pets, encased in this limited edition book.

Ink from Kessels Kramer Publishing, edited by Christian Bunyn & Zack McDonald, is designed by Angela Lidderdale and illustrated by Happy Pets. The price is 45 Euro.

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