The name game

The British taxpayer could be excused for being a bit tired of banks asking for ‘contributions’ but there is one request that should inspire a bit of interest in the design community.

'Billions of pounds' will go into Lord Levene's new venture
’Billions of pounds’ will go into Lord Levene’s new venture

Lord Levene, chairman of Lloyd’s of London, is teaming up with Sir David Walker, who led a Government review into bank boardroom practices, to launch a new high-street bank.

Interviewed on Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning, Lord Levene was asked if the new bank has a name yet. He responded, ‘No, that’s one of the things we’re looking at, and all contributions will be gratefully received.’

Hmm. Possibly not one to go for at the free pitch stage, but as the bank’s financial backers are promising to pump ‘billions of pounds’ into the venture and are eying up former Lloyds and Northern Rock assets, definitely one to keep tabs on.

After all, it’s called ‘Project New Bank’ at the moment, so they’ve hardly set the bar terribly high in naming terms.

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  • mimeArtist November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Surely it should be called ‘Onus’… which means a responsibility, task, or its latin name ‘burden’ … which it clearly is…

    but also because you can say ‘Bank on us’ 🙂

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