Third Person brands citizen power initiative

Third Person has created the branding for Citizen Power: Peterborough, a partnership between the Royal Society of Arts, Peterborough City Council and the Arts Council that aims to cultivate civic activism.

The RSA appointed Third Person to work on the programme’s messaging and brand language. The consultancy says this identity will now be applied to ‘a range of innovative local engagement tools’.

Third Person won the contract about a month ago, having worked with one of the RSA client team when they were at Creative Partnerships, according to Third Person co-founder Tim Reed.

Citizen Power: Peterborough, which will initially run for two years, comprises a number of schemes including Sustainable Citizenship, which will examine the role of behavioural economics in combating climate change, and the Civic Health Audit, which aims to develop a new means of evaluating local performance based on civic health.

Sam McLean, director of public participation and head of the Citizen Power programme at the RSA, says, ‘The Citizen Power: Peterborough programme is all about giving local people the power to shape the future of their city. But before Third Person we had a big problem: we were finding it tough to turn big ideas like these into communications that people can understand and actually inspire them to get involved.’

The new identity will be unveiled at the Citizen Power launch event on Monday. Reed says the brand will be applied to adhesive bunting at the event, while other collateral will be developed as the project rolls out.

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