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‘Sometimes you may not have an idea, but you still need to make that meeting’, The Wheel of Concept site states. ‘Fortunately, now there’s an easy way to be a “rock star.” Spin the wheel, download your concept board, and seal the deal.’

This ingenious site sports a ‘wheel of fortune’ stlye wheel, with suggestions including ‘street teams’, the ubiquitous ‘pop-up store’, ‘swag’, or simply, ‘repeat last years.’

DW typed in, for no particular reason, Blue WKD, and was given Street Team – illustrated by some extremely cheerful, legging clad ladies in WKD tops.

‘Let’s take the blue WKD message to the streets and create buzz with influencers and bloggers’ our PDF crib-sheet advises. ‘Go team!’, it concludes. Now, DW too feels like a “rockstar”.

Thanks to @thekreeger

News of the World
News of the World

Though it’s all been rather hush hush, you may have heard something about the News of the World closing last week. The folk behind this site are inviting creative types to design logos or mastheads for the New News of The World.  The designs can be any colour or design you desire, as long as they contain the words ‘New News of The World’.

Pizza Express Translated Menus

Ever ordered ‘posh toast wiv’ mushrooms’ as a starter? Or perhaps a Right Honourable Side Salad? Ever considered finishing off a meal with a pudding that ‘be renowned across the high seas’?

Well, now you can thanks to Pizza Express’ series of ‘translated’ menus. Dine like Royalty with the Queen’s English version, stuff your boat race like a Cockney or spend your pieces of eight Pirate style, it’s up to you.



Queen’s English

Thanks to @peter_watts and @ianvisits

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