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Spotting and Jotting


Birds and collective nouns are equally wonderful things – and this marriage of the two is the perfect distraction from a stressful morning on the news desk. The Spotting and Jotting app is an interactive colouring-in book of birds, illustrated by Matt Sewell. Once you’ve finished colouring in the little critters, you can save your handiwork to your device to show off to your pals.


Periodic Table of Heavy Metals

Remember the hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium song from learning the periodic table at school? Well, we’re fairly hazy on it too, but this reworked periodic table puts a whole new slant on learning the elements to music. Kicking off with AC/DC and taking in such brilliant band names as Septic Flesh and Woe Is Me, this is almost as interesting as that experiment where you set light to peanuts in a Bunsen burner.

Thanks to @waitinthewater

Table of heavy metals
Table of heavy metals

Divers’ Funny Faces

Ramping up the excitement about the Olympics yet another notch is this site, which documents the ludicrous, hilarious and occasionally terrifying faces pulled by professional divers.

The photographs on the site were all taken by Getty Images photographer

Ezra Shaw at the 14th FINA World Championships. The series of brilliant images is uncannily similar to possibly Design Week’s favourite blog in the history of the internet, basset hounds running.

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