Brand On Shelf packages Westons flavoured cider

Cheltenham-based consultancy Brand On Shelf has created the packaging designs and names for Westons cider’s new Westons Twist range of flavoured ciders, aiming to create a ‘premium’ brand appealing to ‘discerning drinkers.’


The consultancy was appointed without a pitch in November 2010, having met the client at a trade show and been invited to present ideas for the project. BOS says Westons spoke to no other consultancies.

BOS was briefed to create a ‘stylish, sophisticated’ look and feel that appeals to 25-40- year-old women without alienating male consumers.

Meg Billcliff, senior client manager for Westons at BOS, says, ‘We used pattern and print. The hedgerow comes out of the ‘S’, which is quite British – that’s a key factor, that it’s a British brand with British flavours.’

BOS tweaked the current bottleneck label logo design, aiming to move away from the more ‘masculine’ design seen on other Westons products. It used black typography to reference the premium nature of the drink, and the background colours reflect each flavour.

The Ravishing Raspberry and Zingy Ginger flavours will go on shelf over the next couple of weeks, with more flavours added to the range later this year.

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