Hackney Hoard

Tomorrow sees the opening of Galerie8, a new art gallery situated within the Arthaus building by the fag-butt strewn, American Apparel sponsored hipster’s Eden that is Hackney’s London Fields.

No, we love London Fields really, and the inaugural exhibition, Hackney Hoard, promises to kick off the gallery’s proceedings in a truly fascinating way.

The show is curated by Adam Dant, artist and amateur historian, and takes its starting point as the tale of the titular Hackney Hoard – a collection of 80 American gold coins discovered in Stoke Newington about four years ago.

Adam Dant's map
Adam Dant’s map

Though an inquest found the coins to be ‘not treasure’, and the gold was returned to its rightful owner, the incident sparked off much debate, highlighting the essential differences between art and treasure: an artwork’s value is not based on its material, but the value which is assigned to it, be that through notoriety, narrative or beauty.

The show, which features work from Gavin Turk, Matthew Killick, Last Tuesday Society and Annabel Tilley, explores the value and status bestowed on contemporary art objects.

Gavin Turk's brick
Gavin Turk’s brick

Jamie Davis of Galerie8, says, ‘All the artists deal with narrative history – they evaluate and discuss the value of the narrative, and of history as well. A lot of the artworks have a context of the borough of Hackney.’

Galerie8 site plan
Galerie8 site plan

The Hackney Hoard show forms part of the gallery’s wider series – Launching Pad – which includes events such as a treasure hunt, interactive media projects, sound and performance art, film screenings and a publishing fair.

Hackney Hoard runs from 21 July – 28 August at Galerie8, 195-205 Richmond Road, London E8

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