Household works on Cornish ‘not spa – spa’

Household is working on designs for a new spa at the Hotel and Extreme Academy in Cornwall, which is says will ‘challenge the traditional way of thinking’ in spa design.

The consultancy describes the designs for the Watergate Bay hotel as ‘not spa – spa’, saying it will ‘steer away from the typically formal, hushed, clinical and sterile spa offers to present an active, relaxed, stylishly warm, “lived-in” and sustainable space.’

The Hotel and Extreme Academy at Watergate Bay is described by its managing director Will Ashworth as a ‘ski resort on the beach’ and features a hotel, restaurants and bars.

The 1000m2 spa project involves refurbishment and exension of an existing building to develop a spa which will feature treatment rooms, a Hammam, a gym, changing facilities, an ‘ocean’ room for relaxation and socialising, a ‘surf in surf out’ area and guest reception.

Household, which was appointed to the project on the strength of its work at Shoreditch House, is working alongside architect Stride Treglown, and work is set to start on site in September, which completion planned for early next year.

Sarah Page, creative director at Household, says, ‘Our design concepts will offer the guests an environment that has that something extra, something that invites you to leave the chaos behind and feel free to create your own space.’

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