Making Future Collaboration

Digital technologies, art, design and science are finding new ways to share knowledge and make opportunities.

This is according to the Making Future Collaboration conference, which will meet in Nottingham on Friday, concluding a season of talks by Making Future Work led by Broadway Media Centre and funded by the Arts Council.

Evan Roth
Evan Roth

Key notes will be given by Evan Roth and Aram Bartholl, members of the Free Art and Technology Lab (FAT) – a Brooklyn-based technology collective which looks to propagate ideas of open value, using open licenses and supporting open entrepreneurship over copyright ‘monopolies’ and patents.

FAT diagram
FAT diagram

Making Future Work will also unveil the results of four commissioned research projects on Friday according to project director Matt Davenport who says that several research institutions ‘have offered to show the research in an exhibition context.’

One of these pieces, Le Cadavre Exquis will be presented by its designers Brendan Oliver and Brendan Randall on Friday.

According to Davenport it is an interactive visual artwork using an Xbox Kinect to make a crowd sourced film where the audience controls both the narrative and the footage. 

‘Several photos are taken and you can see the participants who have been captured before,’ says Davenport.

Making Future Collaboration takes place at Broadway Cinema & Media Centre, 14-18 Broad Street, Nottingham, on 8 July from 11.00am- 5.00pm.

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    Sounds great, but unable to make it! Will you be posting a follow-up?

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