Making the impossible possible

Finding a needle in a haystack and seeing a leopard change its spots are two things you probably thought you would never be able to experience. But now, thanks to illustrator Harriet Russell, you can.

Russell’s book Sixty Impossible Things Before Lunch was published earlier this year by Edizioni Corraini. The book – which aptly features a flying pig on its cover – is a series of impossible questions and pictures, made possible by Russell’s pen.

Russell’s work has also featured in the Guardian, Time Out and the Independent on Sunday and she has created book covers for Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Random House and others.

An exhibition of drawings from Sixty Impossible Things Before Lunch is now going on show at The Design Conspiracy gallery in London from Friday.

Visitors will, for the first time ever, be able to see such phenomena as a balloon balanced on a knife and an ice-cream on fire. And as the gallery opens at 10am, you can see them all before lunch – if you wish.

Sixty Impossible Things Before Lunch is at The Design Conspiracy, London WC2B, from 15-22 July.

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