Poke works on visual elements of Huffington Post site

News website The Huffington Post launches in the UK today with data visualisations designed by Poke set to support editorial content.

Poke won a pitch against up to five other consultancies according to Poke co-founder Nicolas Roope, to work on ‘dynamic graphical systems’ which will pool live data relating to articles and present it in a way which can then be shared, monitored and contributed to.

This could be a visualisation of data including reader interaction, Twitter feeds, or poll results, Roope says.

He adds, ‘Rather then raw commentary, bloggers can host graphical elements from the site.’ Roope believes this approach will ‘accelerate’ the development of a reader community that already exists on the US site.

The Huffington Post launch event this evening will be backdropped by on-screen Twitter visualisations designed by Poke and consultancy Sennep, projected as a graphic display which Roope says ‘will amplify what the Huffington Post stands for’. 

The audience at the launch and the online audience will both contribute to this.

The Huiffington Post was not able to confirm who has designed the interface of the new site www.huffingtonpost.co.uk which goes live today.  

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