Studio Hansa in bold Star Trek work

Studio Hansa has designed and art directed a campaign to support Star Trek The Next Generation re-runs for broadcaster CBS with the expression ‘Live Boldly. Love Your Fan Side.’

The consultancy came through a pitch three weeks ago and has now delivered the work with billboards and press ads launching from today UK-wide, before an on-screen campaign on 11 July, ahead of the season’s launch on 20 July.

Omar Honigh, managing partner at Studio Hansa, has led the campaign based on the understanding that fans of the show are ‘passionate, knowledgeable and fervent collectors’ he says.

Visuals have been produced without Photoshop, says Honigh, who commissioned specially tailored suits so ‘fans’ appear in ‘half work-wear and half-Trekkie – perfectly divided down the middle.’

Honigh says it is hoped that the look and the message of the campaign will encourage younger viewers to watch the show.

This is the first campaign to be launched by the studio, which was set up in March by Honigh, who left Kemistry where he was managing director.

Honigh, who owns a vineyard, said at the time he has ambitions to specialise in wine branding.  

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